Neticon is Microsoft Rising Star Agency of the Year

Savio Leonetti
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More about the strategy that made us win one of the most important Microsoft Awards 

We did it: Neticon, the only Italian agency among the nominees, has been elected Rising Star Agency of the Year by Microsoft Advertising. We are very proud about this achievement.

Microsoft represents a main Strategic Partner for Neticon, with collaborations ranging from technology to Digital Marketing. We are really proud to have been elected, among more than 100 international agencies, as a Rising Star for our outstanding achievements.

Our winning strategy

The project that earned us the award began in 2011. During this time Neticon supported one of the most famous Fashion Luxury Brands in its digital transformation process.

As part of our work on the Client's international digital marketing strategy, back in 2020 we ignited a process of complete restructuring of the  Microsoft Advertising account, in order to unleash the full potential of this channel and transform it into one of the most profitable traffic ones.

The main goal was the internationalization of the channel presence and the expansion into new markets and Countries, while maintaining a very high average ROAS.

Thanks to a multichannel strategy and a holistic approach, during 2022 we expanded the account size to cover more than 50 percent of the Countries available on the Microsoft Advertising platform. We immediately registered  a very good response from all the markets involved.

After this first phase we launched campaigns in new markets such as the Middle East and Africa, bringing the number of Countries active on Microsoft Advertising Paid ADV to a total of 57.

This approach has brought excellent performances, exceeding expectations by far.

Highlight e goal

Thanks to the strategy created by our Team and the ongoing optimization work, we were able to boost performance in terms of profitability, with an increase of almost 40% YoY.  ROAS also exceeded our already challenging target by more than +80 points.

Thanks to our efforts turning Microsoft Advertising into one of the pillars of the digital marketing strategy, the Client began to perceive this channel as a high value activity due to the strong and tangible return on overall performance. For this reason the Client approved an "open budget" approach.

In 2022 we also adopted Microsoft's newest advertising format, namely the Multimedia Ad: we were among the first ever to adopt it in the Fashion Luxury industry.

We started with the implementation of this format only for Search Brand Pure campaigns in top selling Countries. The results were incredible: +500,000 impressions and a 23% increase in transactions.


These goals were achieved thanks to a really cooperative approach, both with the Client and the Microsoft Team.

The collaboration with Microsoft, especially, has driven us to successfully overcome all challenges and achieve increasing goals. Thanks to the support of the outstanding Microsoft Advertising Team and the quality of Microsoft products no obstacle was unsurpassable. 

In detail, the Microsoft Advertising Team continuously helped us take our ADV campaigns to the next level - making us, day after day, more and more efficient in our achievements.This Award represents the crowning of our passion and daily commitment to constantly improve our results for our Clients’ success.

We look forward to working on more and more challenging projects and to bringing more innovative ideas to our Clients through our 360° approach to Digital Marketing. 

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