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Metaverse: revolution or involution?

Luca Innocenzi

Investors and companies bet on this parallel universe, we understand what it is and what awaits us in the future.

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SEO content, why it's so important

That is why any business with a significant web presence, i.e own website or social platforms, must plan a SEO strategy and produce valuable content.

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Neticon is Microsoft Rising Star Agency of the Year

We did it: Neticon, the only Italian agency among the nominees, has been elected Rising Star Agency of the Year by Microsoft Advertising. We are very proud about this achievement.

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Vintage and Gen Z

Corners dedicated to vintage-style luxury are also increasingly opening inside prestigious malls and department stores, recording record numbers, proving that retail, especially niche retail, is not dead.

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Why is traffic not enough?

When it comes to e-commerce websites, it doesn't make sense anymore to talk only about traffic generation. What really matters, for those who want to succesful online, is the conversion rate.

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Working in a Digital Agency: what is required of young talent?

Working in these companies, which are often highly specialized, small sized and very "flat" in their organizational chart, can be extremely stimulating and rewarding.

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Social commerce: evolution of online shopping?

Social commerce is a combination of e-commerce and social media, allowing users to purchase products or services directly on social networks.

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