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Microsoft Advertising award winning strategy

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From the need to stay one step ahead of their competitors and to increase revenue from online purchases, one of the best-known global Brands in the Fashion Luxury Industry turned to Neticon for the creation of their entire e-commerce ecosystem and the definition of an ongoing digital marketing strategy. A partnership lasting since 2012.

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Internationalization of online sales has always played a central role in our decennial digital marketing strategy for our Client, as said, one of the world’s most important Fashion Luxury Brands.

When decisions had to be taken regarding Microsoft Advertising, our main challenge was to identify opportunities to expand the business in and to new countries to achieve steady revenue growth (around 30% on average) by maintaining a very challenging target ROAS.

Therefore we developed a holistic strategy, trying to maximize outcomes by blending different channels and audiences.
Leveraging on Microsoft's new launches, starting in 2022 we expanded the size of the account, by covering over 50% of the Countries available on the Microsoft Advertising Platform.
Step 1
In May 2022, given the overall positive market response we introduced Search (including brand pure and product) and Standard shopping campaigns in Japan, which is considered one of the fastest-growing new markets for our Client.
Step 2
As the next step of the international markets’ online sales growth strategy, we launched campaigns in new markets across the Middle East and Africa taking to 57 the total number of Countries where Microsoft Advertising paid search is run.

Further, as part of our strategy to improve and optimize the overall reach while trying to reduce the time spent testing and building new keywords, we introduced the Broad Match format.
Step 3
Also in 2022, as part of the global strategy, we adopted native bid strategies with the main focus the ROAS target.We achieved extremely good results.

The performance boosted in terms of profitability with a revenue increase of almost 40% YoY and a ROAS exceeding our target by an astounding 80%.
Step 4
Thanks to these results we were allowed to adopt an open budget approach. Pursuing our effort for excellence in driving performances through Microsoft Advertising, in 2022 we also launched the newest Microsoft ad format, Multimedia Ad, being among the first adopters in the Fashion Luxury industry.

We achieved an incredible +170,000 in delivered ad impressions and a sound 23% increase in transactions.
Step 5
Considering the very promising initial results and in order to pursue even more engagement,  we decided to roll out the Multimedia Ad format in all relevant countries.Our main goal was to capture a wider audience and deliver our message to a wider range of new customers searching for fashion luxury products.  

The final objective was to consistently increase the number of conversions through this approach.We proved right. Since November 2022, the number of ad impressions registered a  +500’000 and the number of assisted conversions increased by 35%.


Increase in revenue of more than 35% YoY
Increase in Transactions >20%
ROAS target exceeded by 80%
Increase in Impressions >160,000
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